When is the BEST Time of Year to Sell Your Property?



I am frequently getting asked ‘When should I put my property on the market?’ and ‘When is the best time to sell?’ It’s a very reasonable question, so I’ve put together a quick guide for you to use. Putting your property on the market at the wrong time can cost you literally thousands and thousands of dollars, so you want to identify the time of year that you’re looking to sell and work it around the market’s prime periods. There’s a few times of year that are great, and also some that you should definitely avoid. So which periods are good and which are bad? Let’s find out!



First Half of the Year

I’ll begin with the start of the year. You don’t really want to go to market in January, a lot of people are still on school holidays often up the coast or overseas, and the kids aren’t back at school yet. Their focus isn’t on buying a property. Then after Australia Day the market usually picks up.

End  of January, February, March and the start of April (before Easter depending when it is) are all good times to sell. Obviously you want to avoid Easter holidays! After the holidays in May is not a bad time to sell as people head into the end of the financial year.


Second Half of the Year

You will find there’s a bit of a rush heading into tax time with quite a few people looking to secure a property, making it a good time to sell. Timed correctly, you could create an effective strategy in June. However soon after tax time are the colder months up until August, which isn’t the best time to sell. It’s not terrible, but if you can wait until Spring time it’s usually worth it.

September things start picking up, and then October, November and the start of December are really good times to sell. Probably the best time of the entire year! I would certainly recommend marketing your property in the last stretch of the year when the weather is nice, people are happy, and they’re out house-hunting. Obviously the closer you get to Christmas the more it starts slowing down. So if you can, you really want to avoid mid December to late January.


When NOT To Do Auctions

Throughout the entire year, you never want to do an auction on a long weekend. A lot people (especially us living in Brisbane) tend to go to the coast, or take extended leave and go on a short holiday. And if nobody’s around – you obviously don’t want to be auctioning!



To make things even easier, here’s a quick overview of the year and it’s rating:

JAN = Definitely avoid until the end of the month. 
FEB = Good
MAR = Good
APR = Good before Easter
MAY = Okay
JUN = Good for tax time
JUL = Not the best
AUG = Not the best
SEP = Really good towards the end of the month
OCT = Really good
NOV = Really good
DEC = Start of the month is good. Mid December onwards is bad!




So there you have it! Hopefully this is useful to you and it has helped you get some insight into when you should sell your property. It’s definitely something you need to work around because it could make all the difference in the result you get. If you need a hand selling and you’d like some free advice, feel free to give me a call anytime on 0405 000 219 or just reply to this email. Either way – happy selling and all the best!




Mitch Hills

Entrepreneur, marketer and problem solver from Brisbane, Australia. Founder of Mastered Marketing, making people awesome online!