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Outdoor spaces are as important as indoor spaces in a home! Not only do they promote a healthy lifestyle, with the right styling they can also make the home look more spacious and open, making it a more enjoyable place to live.
If you ever plan on selling your home, having a fantastic outdoor space is an extra selling point to buyers and will ultimately help you get the best price. Here are some tips that can help you style it fabulously:

Consider the space first.

Look at your verandah, balcony, patio, or your yard and ask these questions, to know what you can do with the space you have.

What do you want to do with it?

 What is your main purpose for your outdoor space? Visualise. Do you see yourself hosting a family gathering, or just reading, drinking coffee, and just sitting out there? Decide what you want to do with it before deciding on how to style it.

How big is it?

The size of the space is a huge factor to how you would style it. You need to consider the space while picking out the furniture, features, and other decorations. If you have small spot, here’s a tip for you: Allocate more space to the hobbies you’ll do the most. 

How would you use your space? Here are some options:

  • Alfresco dining nook. You can use these for big family gatherings, or when you and your family just want a piece of nature with you when you’re eating. Perfect for cool summer nights while you enjoy each other’s company.
  • Botanical sanctuary. If you love plants and gardening, there is no question that you should make it into a sanctuary. Cultivate your plants and make a place where you can keep your tools. Have some chairs and a table if you just want to savor the sight and be one with nature.
  • Reading nook. A table for your coffee or tea, and a comfortable chair or couch for you to enjoy your latest read.
  • Split zone. Who says you can’t have them all? Create separate spaces for different purposes in your patio--make a reading nook and dining place in one place. Why not?

Choose the right furniture.

Choosing the right furniture is essential for an appealing outdoor space. One could say that they could make and break it.

  • Make sure that the furniture you choose fits your vision.
  • It’s important to remember that the outdoors can be harsh to furnitures due to some elements. Make sure to choose durable furniture.
  • When it comes to cleaning, you shouldn’t worry about the furniture in the outdoor space. You can either buy a cleaning solution or you can make your own   Choose furniture with materials such as metal, cedar, and rattan.
  • A flash of colour is important. Choose a neutral color as a base and then add colorful accents such as cushions, patterned textiles, and other pieces.
  • Buy a furniture that have a double purpose. This would definitely save space and cost you less money.

Go green.

Having plants is an inexpensive way to beautify and bring the area to life. The lush plants, aside from giving out valuable oxygen, makes the space look fresh. You can also make walls more appealing by hanging plants or growing vines. It’s going to be perfect for Instagram, too!
It may not be easy for you to plant shrubs and flowers, or succulents. But don’t worry--if you don’t have a green thumb, you can always hire a landscaper!

Save money with DIY.

Once you start shopping for furniture and other things you need, you’ll realise that they could be expensive. You don’t need to hire someone or buy everything from the store--you can always DIY.
This way, not only can you save money, you can also add your personal touch to your furniture. For example, you can use a large pot and some flagstones as a tabletop. You can also use tree stumps or crates as stools and driftwood as an accent piece on your table.
You can always look for online tutorials--there are lots out there with complete instructions and tips to help you make the process easier. Get your craft on quickly and cheaply. You may even  include your family or friends in the project and you’ll surely be amazed at all the fun you’ll experience with it.

Light it up.

You need lights when it gets dark and you definitely can make it look aesthetic. You can use lanterns, fairy lights, or festoon lights as lighting fixtures. Not only do they look good, they can also create a nice atmosphere in your outdoor space.
Another idea: you can use solar lights that collect energy through the sun by day. Then at night, you can turn it on and stake it on pots and plant containers to show off your flowers even at night. This could add soft light to the sitting area. You don’t need to spend much money on electricity and it’s earth-friendly.

3 bonus tips:

  • Search through websites such as Pinterest for ideas on how you want your space to look like. Save the pictures that catch your interest and then compare them--choose the elements you want and collect them. It’s always good to have visual references.
  • If your outdoor space is available to the public--or your neighbour’s--eyes, you can always add privacy screens. Use curtains, strings or colorful rugs between the posts. You may also use twigs, branches, or reeds to make portable partitions.
  • Who says you can’t go outside on cold nights? You can build or buy an outdoor fireplace so you can still enjoy your private space.



Styling is important for creating nice spaces inside and outside your home. If you want more tips, you’re thinking of selling or you just have a question, feel free call me on 0405 000 219!

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