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Once you decide to sell your home, the process of finding the people you need to have when selling starts when you hire a real estate agent. Before you can even meet one prospective buyer, you need to hire people that will help you get your home ready for sale. Here they are:

1. Appraiser. They can help you ascertain how much your home can be sold for. They are trained to give a professional opinion of the market value of your home.

2. Pre Sale Building and Pest Inspector. An inspector looks around your home to see if it’s in its best condition. They will also help point out the things that need repair or improvement before you sell.

3. Insurance Agent. They will help you find the right insurance product for your home, to protect you and the buyer from monetary loss.

4. Handyman. Home repairs and improvements can’t be avoided when you’re selling your home. If you can’t or don’t want to DIY your home repairs and improvements, you will need to call them in—they’ll handle them for you.

5. Home Stager. A home stager is a professional interior designer that “dresses up your home” so that it’s more appealing to buyers, it could sell faster and for more money.

6. Photographers and Videographers. Photos and videos are important to a listing, especially online listings, so hiring a good photographer and videographer is essential in bringing the best out of your home. Your Agent will take care of booking this.

7. Conveyancer. Conveyancers specialise in property law, and they will help you in the legal aspect of the sale such as legal advice, drawing up documents, and arranging a settlement.

8. Solicitor. You may need to contact a solicitor regarding legal matters that are outside your conveyancer’s knowledge such as tax implications, matrimonial breakdown, and the like.


While your agent may have some of them on call, you might want to hire them yourselves and there’s nothing wrong with that. Make sure that you hire the right people—here are some pointers:

  • They should be knowledgeable and experienced in their field.

  • Look for certifications and membership to official organisations, for example, Australian Institute of Conveyancers for conveyancers, or insurance agents coming from reputable banks and firms.

  • Ask for contacts of previous clients and contact those clients about their experience.

  • Ask them to present portfolios, especially for home stagers and photographers.

  • Ask them the following questions:

    • How will we keep in touch?

    • What are your fees and what services are included in those?

    • What’s the maximum amount of fees I should expect?

    • How much will extra services cost?


Selling your home also means building the right team that can help you close that deal in the best way possible. Happy selling and good luck! If you need any help or advice, just drop a line anytime.

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