How to Use Social Media to Sell Your Home



Social media is a powerful tool for communication—you can meet new people, connect with businesses, and do many other things with just a few taps on your smartphone. Using social media to sell your home fast is not a far stretch.

The Numbers

According to a survey, the highest number of Facebook users in Australia in 2018 are in the age group of 25 to 34 years old. While the average age of a first time home buyer is 31 years old, according to the Department of Treasury.

This shows that buyers are most likely looking for a new home on social media—and your home is what they might be looking for.

How can you use social media in selling your home? Here are some ways:

Posting it on your personal account.

Start small by posting on your social media accounts, if you ever have one. Add pictures and videos and tell the story of your home. Most likely, your friends will share it and word will get around—and most of the time, word of mouth is the best type of marketing.

Utilise ads.

Ensure that the agent you choose has an active Facebook business page so that they can run advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. People who fit the demographic your agent set will see your ad and might be interested in buying your home.

Video is King.

Pictures often don’t cut it when it comes to social media. Video is where it’s at—a full video tour showing your whole home to its prospective buyers while being cost-efficient.

Open houses can be virtual, too.

The open house should have an Instagram and Facebook ads running a week before so that it’s in the forefront of the buyers’ minds. Your agent can use Facebook Live before the event and create an ad using the video to increase the attendance on your property. Make sure that this video will show your whole home in 60 seconds or less so that it can be advertised on Facebook and Instagram at the same price.

Facebook Pixel.

Facebook pixel is a code that can be installed in a seller’s ads and websites. This will allow the agent to target anyone who will view one of the ads, even if they didn’t click on the website or took any action related to the ad. This way, you can build a database of prospective buyers easily and efficiently.


Social media is a helpful tool in selling your home—you just need to know how to utilise it well. If you need advice in selling your home, you can always drop me a message.

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