How to Sell A Luxury Home

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Selling a home is not easy, but it becomes harder when you need to sell a luxury home. For it to sell, it will need another level of expertise. But it doesn’t need to be too complicated! To help you, here are tips in selling a luxury home.

Who you know would help you.

Luxury homebuyers will most likely work with agents specialising in high-end real estate so make that your property is visible to these people. It will help if your selling agent also specialises in this segment.

To widen your network, you can host private open houses or private individual viewings for agents and advertising in agent-only newsletters.

Exceptional presentation is essential.

Curb appeal and interior appeal is very important in selling luxury homes as luxury homebuyers are meticulous when it comes to these things. To make sure that your home is in its best shape, do these steps:

  • Applying a fresh coat of paint

  • Clean the house in every nook and cranny

  • Pressure-clean driveways and paths

  • De-clutter and depersonalise spaces

  • Property Staging

  • Enhancing landscaping

Profile who’s likely to buy your property.

It’s tricky to guess who your buyer will be, but profiling your target market before coming up with a marketing strategy couldn’t hurt. Here are some questions that can help you:

  • What do they do for a living?

  • Where do they live?

  • What do they like to do as hobbies?

  • What type of media are they exposed to?

Through this, you can tailor your strategy with their needs and wants and effectively reach your target market.

Host luxurious, VIP-only events.

One good way of attracting buyers is to hold exclusive VIP events. You can get luxury brands to sponsor your parties, for a more luxurious and high-class party. These events are a good way to bring in prospective buyers you normally won’t have access to. Also, getting luxury brands on board also allows you to have a broader contact list and let everyone know about your property.

Keep your goals realistic.

Before setting an asking price, check current listings and recently sold properties similar to yours so that your listing price will be reasonable and match with those sold.

Visit those houses if you can so you can get into your buyers’ mindset as they will be comparing same qualities between your property and other homes in the market. Through this, you can also gauge the quality of your home and what you need to improve it in for it to sell.

Keep your home visible in different platforms.

Promoting your listing in different channels is important for you to reach the maximum number of prospective buyers who might be interested in your luxury home. When promoting your property, think big. Here are things you can do:

  • Direct mail

  • Multiple website listings

  • Unique signages

  • Editorial coverage

  • Local, national and international print advertisements

  • Utilise social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Consider using their sponsored ads to reach wide audiences.

Remember to have professional photographs, video tours, and floor plans ready at your disposal.

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Selling a luxury home may require more than when you’re selling an ordinary home but with proper networking and organisation, you will get that SOLD signage you want. If you need more help or advice, you can always drop a message.

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