8 Smart Ways to Radically Increase Your Property Value

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In life, small investments can go a long way. This is particularly true when it comes to real estate, especially when you’re thinking about putting your home up for sale. A little amount of money on minor fixes around the house can allow you to confidently demand a higher sale price! Whether you plan to sell the house or not, the tips below are always worth doing to increase your property’s worth.



1. Create space.

Everyone wants a spacious-looking home, so anything you can do to open up the space is a good idea (even if it’s just a little bit!). Don’t be afraid to knock down that non-structural wall or remove the kitchen island if that’s what it takes. For just a small investment you can transform the way your house looks and feels, which directly translates into value.

Tip: If there’s enough cabinetry for smart storage solutions in the kitchen, you can adjust easily with a moveable island.


2. Get in the garden!

A nice yard makes a huge difference – and an ugly one can create a huge problem! Overgrown trees and unmaintained bushes can make the yard look cluttered and uninviting. It can obstruct a good view and darken the interiors, not to mention they attract unwanted insects, mold and mildew growth. An overgrown garden can make it tough to market the house. After all, buyers want to take a good look at the home and if it’s not properly visible, they are going to move to the next one. As well as that, in their mind it’s just another expense in time or money that they’ll have to cough up if they decide to buy. Don’t make them hesitate! Properly pruned bushes, trimmed trees, a mowed lawn and some mulch can go a long way in elevating a home’s market value.


3. Luscious lighting.

There’s more to lighting fixtures than meets the eyes. Strategically placed lighting items can create a beautiful ambience and make the home look more welcoming, which helps to create a positive atmosphere. Sun tubes, also known as tubular skylights let the natural sunlight in and make the home more appealing.

They’re not too expensive and look really stylish and trendy. Additionally, you can try fixing up the broken panes, installing lights that turn on / off automatically by using motion detectors, and open up windows to let the natural light in. Soft lighting can add a touch of warmth to the space, something that everyone looks for in a home.


4. Basic maintenance and repair work.

Plumbing leakages, rusty rain gutters, problematic furnace and septic systems, weedy flower beds, leaky windows, cracked floors and broken doors – these are the most basic things that no homeowner can ignore. These things are essential for a comfortable living and you’d be foolish to ignore these if you’re selling! So, you might want to put the kitchen upgrade plans on hold if these items aren’t taken care of first. Just a few hundred dollars spent on these basic fixes and can bring you back thousands.



Fix the fundamentals first. Focus on leaks, cracks, breakages and repairs before any renovations.


5. Fix-up the flooring

Don’t underestimate the value of flooring – the very thing on which you stand! If your floor needs some work, ideally you should spend anywhere between 600 to 900 dollars on the floor repairs. The expenditure doesn’t even have to be that much, and you can get a decent floor for less than a few thousand. Just a few fixes here and there and you are already looking good. A well placed nail to avoid squeaky sounds, repairing broken tiles, tossing out the old carpeting, patching up the damaged floor boards; just a few of the things to take care of. However, if you feel the house needs a new floor, don’t be afraid to replace it.

Tip: If you’ve got carpet, find out what’s underneath. Some old Queenslanders have gorgeous timber underneath which can be sanded and polished. This looks awesome and is often a nice surprise to people who had no idea it was there!


6. A nice door.

Most people make up their minds of investing in a home within seconds of entering the house. And what’s the first threshold to a house? The door! So don’t underestimate the value of a quality front door.  Put a nice door bell along with a good overhang (an awning or a portico are good option). It’s frustrating when you are fumbling for the keys trying to open-up the lock with no way out of rain or sun. An overhang offers protection from nature’s harshness; not to mention they look classy too. 


7. Affordable and easy bath upgrades.

Everybody knows that the kitchen and the bathroom are the most expensive parts of the house. Not all sellers may be up for it, but repairing your bathroom / kitchen doesn’t always have to cost you a fortune. Some upgrades are actually quite fast, easy, and really cheap. Especially when it comes to the bathroom!

Start by removing the rust stains, update the cabinet pulls and doorknobs, clean out the grout, and replace frosted glasses for a cleaner looking bathroom. For an easy spend of $500 on cosmetic changes, you can completely tune-up this part of the home and use it as a leverage to bag a higher sales value.


8. Paint your walls in neutral tones

When you are going to put the house for sale, don’t neglect chipped paint on the walls. If you feel the walls need more than just a touchup, go with neutral color paints. Don’t let your personal colour preferences come in the way – go with what’s popular and most likely to get your property sold. Give buyers enough space to project their own decor preferences and ideas; that’s only possible when the walls are in toned-down colours.



So – now that you know these easy and economical upgrades, what are you waiting for? Roll up the sleeves and make it happen! If you’d like more tips on selling, as well as how to maximise your portfolio for your current property and future investments, give me a call today on 0405 000 219. Happy selling!




Mitch Hills

Entrepreneur, marketer and problem solver from Brisbane, Australia. Founder of Mastered Marketing, making people awesome online!