Factors That Affect How Quickly You Can Sell Your Home



Each property has different factors that affect how quickly they sell. In fact, there are cases where a property would come on the market on the same day a specific buyer is ready to go ahead and purchase a house. Whatever the situation, I’ve listed the most likely factors that determine how long it takes to sell - take a look.


How you show the price to potential buyers is a big part of the selling process. Some properties show the price, some don’t and some go to auction depending on the strategy. One technique to generate more interest is to price a home a little below the comparable sales to entice offers. Having more than one offer drives up the price and generally, competition draws in the passionate and determined buyers who will be willing to pay higher than the average amount.



When a home is located in a highly desirable neighborhood and is near an excellent school with easy access to public transport and shops, then there will obviously be a higher demand for the home. It’s actually one of the main concerns for anyone who is looking for a new home and so when selling and wanting to sell a home fast, you can expect that those in undesirable neighborhoods can be slow when it comes to getting offers. But there may be sellers who own properties in undesirable locations and have become oblivious to the fact that the location they are in is a bit tough to market. In that case, it should be made clear to them that new buyers will see it clearly and might be turned off.



Sellers and buyers have different opinions but most would pick a brand new home or a meticulously renovated home over the homes that clearly needs more repairs. Buyers want to see and imagine how their new life will be in that new house and if they see a rundown home that needs a lot of work then they are thinking more about the amount of effort and money they have to shell out to make it the dream home they want to have. So that’s where styling comes in and the renovation as well. You need to talk to someone who has enough experience to give you advice on whether a full renovation of the kitchen will add value or if just repainting the whole house can give it a fresh look and desirability.


Market Temperatures

Even the real estate market has seasons and it’s important to know when the peak ones are and when the low ones come in. In the seller's market, homes sell faster because there are fewer sellers and a lot more buyers. And if there are more buyers competing for the same home, then the bidding outcome is much more desirable and it's quite easy for a home to sell in less than a week.


Marketing Strategy

Building a marketing strategy means getting the word out about the home you are selling to the right people. Some agents will completely disregard this and just keep pushing the home to buyers that aren’t even the right ones. So knowing which demographic a home could click will create a better chance for a home to be sold quickly.


You can’t sell a home with sheer luck. But a well-priced home could sell within 3 to 10 days, depending on the season. And in a buyer's market, it could take a month or so to sell. It all depends on these factors and a solid marketing strategy on how fast you can sell  - if you want more help feel free to message me or call me at 0405 000 219.

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