Bardon Couple Turns Nightmare Property Sale Into $1,550,000

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Meet Robyn & John

Robyn and John had lived at their family home at 30 Greer Street in Bardon for many years, sharing a lifetime's worth of memories, seeing their children grow up and eventually move out on their own. For Robyn & John this meant it was time for them to finally wind down and retire by the beach.


The Dream.

The couple had purchased a beach house on the Sunshine Coast where they were eagerly waiting to retire and relax in comfort! It was time to say goodbye to their beloved home at 30 Greer Street, and so they contacted a real estate agent help them with the sale so they could have a profitable transaction and transition into their new lifestyle.


The Buzzkill.

Unfortunately when they took their property to market, it flopped. The property sat lonely on the market with no buyers as the months went by. If you've ever sold a property, this is NOT what you want, and it's what you fear the most. Selling your home is a big deal, and when situations like this happen it not only ruins the excitement, it starts to bring on the anxiety and stress. 

What happens if it stays there? What happens if we can't even sell it? How will that affect our retirement? This went on for 3 whole months.


The Turnaround.

After countless hours of frustration, Robyn and John gave me a call to take a look and see how their situation could be fixed. I had a look at the property and the campaign, and knew there were quite a few things to change.  Selling real estate isn't as simple as having a seller and a buyer. The positioning, marketing, campaign and everything else plays a huge role in the outcome, and if it's not planned out correctly it can result in situations like this.

I created a new plan (homeowners take note!)


  • #1 Angle - This property was beautiful and should be selling, but it had the wrong marketing. We created a fresh new angle to highlight the area, the properties features and the lifestyle. I also removed all the pricing from the past campaign, as all of these prospects would be new.
  • #2 Video - If a picture can paint 1000 words, a video can paint 10,000. We created a beautiful, modern and appealing video including drone footage to showcase the property's key features and selling points.
  • #3 Marketing - We created a strong marketing campaign with a large push on digital and social media. The first step is understanding the type of buyer and what they want. The second stop is getting in front of them. With our social media marketing team we put the right message in front of the right people.
  • #4 Database - The buyer is just as important as the property. If a buyer has been on the hunt for a property and has missed out on several opportunities, they are itching for new availabilities. I sent the property out to my database of buyers to generate interest and buzz.

I got to work. The clients actually had to have a week off in their new home just to escape the stress for a moment!



The Result.

After implementing the strategies above, we generating a lot of buzz and we had a buyer in just 3 weeks. 

The key takeaway?

Knowing how to position and market a property is the first step towards closing a profitable sale.

The property sold for a massive $1,550,000 and the deal was done. Robyn and John could finally take a breath of fresh air. Today, they are enjoying their retirement home on the Sunshine Coast, enjoying each other's company and living with peace of mind. I am so happy for this couple, and it was an pleasure to be a part of this important life transition!



Do You Want a Similar Result?

Being able to help people create wealth through property and remove the stress from their life is why I work 7 days a week. Stories like this prove that doing things right works, and there's nothing more rewarding than the smile on a client's face after a profitable sale. Having someone who can help you through the property sale process is a priceless asset.

You can't sell a secret. If you're selling property you need to make sure it's positioned, marketed and most importantly negotiated as good as it possibly can be, to get you that result you're looking for. Whether you're upsizing, downsizing or moving, I would love to help you.


If you want someone who will go the extra mile to achieve the best possible result with integrity and experience, call me today on 0405 000 219 or send me a message below!



A word from John.

"Unfortunately we wasted 3 months of our lives with another agent. I researched all agents carefully on the net and Ben came up as one of the best. We loved the fact that he understood where we were coming from. We got more attention, and he created a new strategy that worked. The marketing and photography was excellent, and Ben was here every time on time. I'm already recommending him!"

- John, 30 Greer Street


Mitch Hills

Entrepreneur, marketer and problem solver from Brisbane, Australia. Founder of Mastered Marketing, making people awesome online!