7 Tips for Creating an Amazing Garden

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Having a garden is a great addition to a home, not just for for your personal enjoyment but also as a key selling point to potential buyers if you ever decide to sell. Curb appeal is also really important, so to make sure your garden looks fantastic, here’s several useful tips you can implement in for your property.

1. Envision it.

Step one is knowing exactly what you want in a garden. What does it look like? What are the plants you see? Does it have stones or hedges? Picture it in your mind.

If you don’t know what you want, look for inspiration. Search the internet or Pinterest. Visit open gardens. Look around your neighbourhood. Leaf through gardening magazines. What do you like about them? Take note of each feature. Maybe you can ask reputable landscapers in your area.

Now that you know what you want, think of what you can take care of. Can you maintain a garden with so many plants? Can you water and prune them constantly? If you don’t have the time, maybe consider having more gravelled areas and low-maintenance additions. What’s important is that you have a vision in your head.

2. Set up the game plan.

At this stage, you have to detail out the basic needs of a garden such as lighting, taps, drains, and paths (try creating a rough sketch to picture where you’ll put them). Remember these should be in place before you buy plants, so that you won’t need to replant and rearrange in case these basics get in the way. Also, design the garden with areas for both sun and shade like sheds or maybe a little gazebo, to make sure that you can enjoy your garden all year round. If you have any, keep in mind the needs of your kids and pets, such as a large running area.

3. Get the foundation right.

Any secure structure needs a good foundation and in your garden’s case, it’s the soil. Good soil means good plants, and good plants means a well-kept and beautiful garden. You need to get your soil. Check your soil’s quality - you might need to add compost or bring in quality soil if it’s less than satisfactory. Tip: Add in soil that effectively drains water.

4. Choose your greens.

Here comes the exciting part - choosing the plants! But keep your plan in mind; don’t be overwhelmed by the options you see at the store. Stick to your plant list, and keep the impulse buys for later. The plants you want are sturdy enough to withstand all kinds of weather, low in maintenance, but can still manage to look great. Choose the types of grass, hedges, and shrubs that fit your garden. You would want a splash of colour, too. Colourful yet hardy plants such as geraniums will do the job.

5. Spread some mulch.

Mulch makes your garden look more presentable and tidier. Eucalyptus and pine bark mulch are more hardy and looks neater. Other kinds of mulch such as Carroll warns and woodchip can put off home buyers.

6. Your garden needs harmony, too.

Unity is important in design - it also applies to your garden. A sense of harmony will make your garden look incredible, especially if the plants seem to belong together. Start with taller foliage plants for a backbone and then fill in with lower growing and less hardy plants later. Another important thing to remember is to keep your garden in sync with the style of your home. The awesome garden would lose its essence if it’s out of sync with the home.

7. Frame it.

Create barriers and edges in your garden. Making it look tamed gives off the impression that it has low maintenance. You can create an edge by using physical barriers such as brick, stone, or steel.

You don’t need to spend thousands for an incredible garden.

Having a beautiful garden doesn’t mean you need to spend thousands of dollars. You just need to be wise and look for opportunities to cut costs. Here are some things you can do:

  • If your local nursery offers free landscaping advice, take advantage of it. Maybe you can score a rough sketch if you buy plants from them - don’t miss it.

  • You can separate your garden into areas or division as you go along and money becomes available, since landscaping it in one go can be expensive.

  • You don’t need to do it all yourself - you can let a landscaper do the difficult parts, while you do the easier ones.


A garden is a great thing to work on during the weekends. Landscaping your garden is good exercise but also a good investment. Once you see the fruits of your labor with an awesome garden, your time and effort will be worth it. For more tips and advice or to see what your home might be worth, feel free to give me a call any time on 0405 000 219.

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