6 Things You MUST Do Before You Sell Your Property



Selling your property is a big deal! We're talking about your biggest asset here, and before you sell you want to make sure you're prepared, so you can get the best possible result. Here are 6 things you absolutely MUST to before you sell your property. Let's take a look!

1. Research & Plan

Before you sell your home it’s very important to research the market and other properties in your area. Is now a good time to sell? What happens after the sale? What’s your budget, including moving and any maintenance? You don’t have to know everything, but you should certainly have clear goals and a realistic grasp on your finances before you invest the money and effort into selling your property.

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2.  Fix Up the Property

If your property needs any repairs, make sure you take care of these before you get any prospective buyers in the door. Don’t ignore small items either like broken windows, taps or holes. It’s the details that often make or break a home. Renovation can be a larger topic, to learn more feel free to download my free guide Renovating for Sale: The Expert's Guide to Adding Massive Value to Any Property.


3. Give it Curb Appeal

Time for a big old clean up. I’m talking head to toe, inside and out. Make your home shine! Buyers make their mind up within seconds of even seeing a home, so you want to make those first impressions count. They spend a lot of time on realestate.com.au and if they were excited enough to visit your home, don't let bad curb appeal be a buzzkill. Investing time in the exterior presentation is definitely worth it and will entice eager buyers.


4. Detach Emotionally

One of the most important steps to selling is being able to say goodbye to your loving home. I can fully appreciate there are priceless memories inside, but it’s time to move on and focus on the future, making peace with the fact that your property is now a product to be marketed and sold. Unlike buying, selling is an important financial transaction that must be made logically, not emotionally.


5. Find a Great Agent

An agent makes all the difference to your sale. Ask around to find an agent with a great reputation that makes you feel comfortable, and understands the local market and is dedicated to real, tangible results. The most valuable trait you can look for in an agent is negotiation skills - it could be difference that gets you $50,000 - $100,000 more from your property than someone who can't negotiate!


6. Make Your Presentation Count!

Now that you’re ready to sell, you need to make the inside of the home as attractive as physically possible, so that buyers can imagine themselves living in your property. Make the room feel comfortable, well-lit and odour-free (like pets or garbage). It’s also a good idea to get someone else to walk through the home in case you missed anything. Your agent can offer their thoughts before buyers start walking in, or you can even hire a stylist (which can seem costly at times but from experience is more often than not, a great investment).



If you do these six things, you’ll be setting yourself up for success. If you’d like a hand implementing all of the above and creating a bulletproof strategy, give me a call on 0405 000 219 any time and I’d be happy to help. Chat soon!

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