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When selling your property, you make sure that it appeals to prospective buyers. However, you can’t help but overlook some details that could turn off buyers. To help you prevent that from happening, here are six things you need to avoid doing:

Lingering sellers.

It might be difficult to let go of your home, it is where you’ve made memories after all. But once you decide to put it in the market, you need to commit to the process and that involves letting your agent do their job and staying out of the way.

Let your agent do the talking and give the potential buyers space to look around and get hooked to your home. When you linger and follow the buyers around when they look in your home, you’re just pushing them away.

Remember that selling a property—even if it is your property—is a business transaction. You need to stay objective and let the buyers imagine what their life could be like in your property without your interference.

Unprepared home.

Buyers, when going on inspections, expect to see a home that is clean and neat. So when they arrive at a home and see any less than that, it is instantly a major turn-off. Here are things you should watch out for:

Smells. Instead of trying to find the right scent, focus on removing foul odours from your home such as damp, pet odours, rubbish, and food smells. Open your windows a few hours before an inspection to have fresh air inside your home.

Clutter. Declutter in areas buyers will spend most time in such as the living room. Make sure to leave just the most necessary pieces visible—everything else should be hidden or thrown out.

Dirt. When buyers see a speck of dust or dirt in your home, the property automatically gets a NO from them so make sure that your home is squeaky clean. Go all out—bring out all brooms, cleaning solutions, and the vacuum cleaner or hire a professional cleaner to thoroughly clean your property from top to bottom.

Wear and tear. Cracking paint, broken fences, shattered windows, and other signs of wear and tear can turn a potential buyer away. While these may be minor maintenance issues, buyers will see them as a sign of underlying major problems.

Temperature. If your home is too hot or too cold, buyers can get turned off because they didn’t have a comfortable experience on your property. Also, having the perfect temperature will set a good atmosphere for your home! It’s best to turn on the aircon or heater—keep it from 22 to 26 degrees Celsius. While it may cause a spike in your electricity bill, it’s worth it when your home is finally purchased, right?

Unclear listing.

Your listing is where buyers will see your home, so it needs to give as much detail as possible. That includes the price and photos of the home. Failing to provide one of those—or worse, both—is a guaranteed turn-off for buyers.

Price is the first thing buyers will look for when looking for a home to buy. It’s important for them to know the price before anything else so they’ll know if it fits their budget. Not putting it in your listing will turn them away and assume that you’ll ask for an exorbitant price.

Aside from the price, buyers will want to see photos of your property so that they can decide whether they like it or not—saving them a day’s trip inspecting your property. They will not even think of visiting your home, let alone buying it, if you don’t provide them visuals.

Make sure that the price and high quality photos are visible in your listing. Ask your agent for assistance in pricing through recent sales. As for photos, make sure to hire a professional photographer.

Outdated features.

Seeing popcorn ceilings, old light fixtures or outdated appliances will not impress buyers. It will tell them that you are not caring for the home enough — so change out those features! While it might cost you some money, it will make a huge difference and increase the value of your home.

Too personalised surroundings.

Make sure to remove pictures, souvenirs, and other personal trinkets around the home. Your personal items cluttered around the house will prevent the buyers from imagining themselves living there. Decorate your home with the buyers in mind—remember that you’re selling it to them, not to you.

Pro tip: Place mirrors around the house, in hallways or rooms, so that when buyers pass by them, they can actually imagine themselves living in your property.

Forgetting curb appeal.

First impressions last and that holds very true when one sees a property for the first time. Because of this, you have to ensure that your front yard and the exterior of your home is in tip-top condition as the rest of the house. Here are some things you can do:

  • Trim your yard.

  • Plant fresh and low maintenance plants.

  • Power wash the entryway and windows.

  • Sweep the sidewalk clean of leaves, debris, or rubbish.

  • Trim the trees.

  • Clean the eaves and gutters.

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Taking note of these six things above can help you sell your home faster and at a higher price. If you need some selling advice or an agent, you can always contact me—I’m always ready to help!

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